‘This Uneasy Peace’ and ‘A Most Secret Game’ are both available from Amazon Kindle.

‘A Most Secret Game ‘is the continuation of ‘This Uneasy Peace’ (see summary below)

In May 1803, the Calais ferry arrives at Dover, having escaped just as war with France is resumed. On board is John Wright, Navy captain and expert spy, carrying many secret maps and papers stolen from the French, for delivery to the British government.

At the Admiralty he is given orders to organise cross-Channel espionage activities against Bonaparte. From a base at Deal on the Channel coast he recruits the local fishermen to help him organise the dangerous crossing to France.

While he is successfully landing Royalist groups to carry out assassinations and uprisings, he is ordered to enter Brest to spy on the French fleet. During that winter the Royalist plots are discovered by the French police and many arrests made.

Wright is ordered to return to a Paris now fraught with danger, where he contacts his friends to help him investigate. He is treacherously betrayed and thrown into prison, where he is extensively questioned and then violently rescued.

Pursued by police agents to the coast he must attempt escape down the dangerous sea cliffs alone, at night.

John Wright, and many of the characters involved with him were real, historical figures and appear as their contemporaries described them.

This Uneasy Peace

When HMS Cynthia anchors at Portsmouth in March, 1803, her captain, Commander John Wright, is ordered to report immediately to the Admiralty in London. On the coach journey he meets with a young widow whom he arranges to visit during his brief stay.

He experiences Georgian London, from the fine houses of the ‘Quality’ to the poverty and violence on the streets outside. As well as being an experienced naval officer, he is also a highly trained spy. The Admiralty order him to Paris to organise espionage groups in France before war is renewed.

He has an arduous journey over the Channel and France into Paris. There he meets old friends and new allies who assist him in his mission. Avoiding police detection, he explores Bonaparte’s Paris, openly meeting many influential Parisians at brilliant social receptions and having secretive meetings in dark, hidden places.

He is abruptly ordered home, escaping through France and fighting off murderous robbers, just as war is declared.