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If you have looked at the other pages on my website you will know that I write historical fiction. Why do I write about the past, as opposed to contemporary life.

The seven billion individuals on this planet are the direct result of the actions and beliefs of our predecessors in ways we cannot readily imagine.

Writing about history is just our way of trying  to understand them (and ourselves). But why write fiction, rather than factual history books.

Facts are essential but they cannot illuminate or easily explain those individual actions and emotions that drive human beings and, consequently, our history.
Facts, combined with a creative imagination, can.

Until recently, historical fiction has tended to be romanticised, using more imagination and few ‘real’ historical facts. Now there is a trend towards greater  realism about life in the past to which I subscribe.

I would like to hear your thoughts about writing, both historical and imaginative, and just how close can we really get to ‘reality’ in describing our past.

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